Collaborative Supply Chain through Integration, Visibility and Information Sharing: The antidote for Supply Chain Myopia

Kumaraguru Mahadevan


The aim of this paper is to gain insights into the current directions to date taken by academia
and practitioners to incorporate SCV (Supply Chain Visibility), and IS (Information Sharing)
in organisations through SCI (Supply Chain Integration) if it can reduce supply chain (SC)
This paper presents three key areas of interest to SC practitioners. First, it highlights there is
evidence that increasing the level of SCI will reduce SC Myopia. Second, the limited research
on the management aspects of SCI, IS and SCV raised three research questions. Third, the
investigation of the three research questions will provide academics and practitioners both the
static and dynamic position of SCI, IS and SCV. The findings of the study are recommended
as antidotes to practitioners to reduce SC myopia.

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