Identifying the Major Discriminative Consumption Styles and Money Attitudes of Male and Female Young Adults

Ulun Akturan, Nuray Tezcan


The youth market is a big and growing market. It is an attractive market not only
because of its size but also its characteristics. In this study, it is aimed to determine the
consumption styles and money attitudes of young adults on gender basis. In the literature, the
validation of the CSI scale and money attitude scale were done by a number of studies.
Unlike determining the validation of the scales, the objective of this study is to identify the
major and discriminating consumption styles and money attitudes of male and female young
adults. The other distinctive point of the study is that, unlike the other studies done on gender
differences, it provides a perspective on gender differences directly through their
consumption styles.
In the study, the data is collected from 460 college students via questionnaire.
Throughout the logistic regression analysis, it was found that the males and females did
differ in eight variables in their consumption styles and five variables in their money
attitudes. The validation of the discriminative power of the variables was also tested on a
holdout sample.

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